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The Steamboating Forum - BEST steamboating forum out there!

Boiler Forum - hosted by a retired steam pipefitter

HasBrouck Engines Group - Good hints and tips for any engine.

Steam Whistles - for those interested in steam whistles.

Steamboat eGroup



Amateurs de Bateaux a Vapeur - French Hobby Steam Boaters

Association for the "La Palma" Steamer Restoration

Deutsche Dampfboot Verein - German Steamboat Society

S.S. Elfin and S.S. Jacob Langeberg

Finnish Steam Yacht Association - 80 vessels registered.

Historic Sternwheeler Preservation Society - paddlewheeler links!

International Steamboat Society - It's back!

North American Steam Boat Association

Northwest Steam Society

Norwegian Veteran Ships Club - S.S. Styrbj÷rn and S.D. B°r°ysund

Oregon Maritime Center & Museum

Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

Sea Scout Ship 601 - Sea Scouts in Portland, Oregon USA

Steam Automobile Club of America

Steam Boat Association of Great Britain

Steam Car Club of Great Britain

Steamboat Association of Australia

Steamboat Association of Sweden

Steamer Virginia V Foundation

Vapores del Atlantico S.L. - Steambark Hidria II

Vereingung Schweizer Dampfbootefreunde

Vereniging Stoomvaart - Dutch Steam Society

Wooden Boat Foundation

Youth Maritime Training Association



Hobby Steamboaters Web Ring

The Legend of Steamboatin' Deutschland

New Zealand Steam Scene

Riverboat Dave's Paddlewheeler Site

Stanley Steamers - Several pages of hobby steamboats

Steam esteem - Great info on marine boilers, fuel, problem solving

S.L. Woodbine - Bob Shearer



Astragal Press - The Whistles Moan, The American Steam Gauge

Atkin Boat Plans - over 300 plans, some suitable for steam

B2┼nga - engines & boats ( in Swedish, but ┼ng = steam, bat = boat )

Bailey Steam - engineering designs, precision machining

Beckmann Boatshop - engines, boilers, hulls, gauges, valves, whistles

Bjorklund Steam - manufacture an 80mm x 80mm engine - the complete boating resource - list of companies/websites supplying check valves

Colonial Iron Works, Ltd. - engines, boilers, ancillary equipment

Davey & Company London Ltd - large selection of hardware/fittings

Edensaw Woods, Ltd. - marine lumber and plywood

Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co. - engines, boilers, boats & books

Fuel Efficiency, LLC - make Brock Turbulators for firetube boilers

Green Velvet - Steam Engine Lubrication Specialties (small quantities)

HasBrouck Engines - plans for engines without castings

Instant Boats - with help from this book you can build our boats

John Welsford Small Craft Design - plans for a 5M fantail steamboat

Lindsay's Technical Books - "The" Lindsay book folks, online

Martin Model & Pattern - cast bronze or iron flywheels 3" to ?

Mosquito Enterprises, Inc. - hulls, engines, code boilers

Paul Gartside Ltd. - plans for 4 classic steam boats, 19' to 23'

Pearl Engine Co. - inverted crosshead engines, 2 and 4 HP

Preston Services - used marine steam engines in all sizes

Ragsdale's Patterns - top quality molds, patterns, castings

Rappahannock Boat Works - complete steam launch hulls & fittings

Selway-Fisher Design - 17+ hull designs for steam

Strath Steam - 7 engines from 3 to 10 HP; no kits

Tiny Power - engines, boilers, accessories

Traditional Boatshop ( Elegance Launches ) - complete boats

United Brass - Everything you need in valves

Western Locomotive Supply - whistles and whistle parts



International Association for the Advancement of Steam Power

Mother of All Maritime Links - make a large pot of coffee !

Roots of Motive Power - BIG STUFF !

Steam Launch Artemis Website Design - Custom website design.

Techantiques Technology Associates


Twain Times - Diagram of "working" sternwheel engine.

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